Finding the Balance


When deciding on a graduate school, the choice was simple. “Pace immediately struck me as most intimate then the others I was considering. I knew I wouldn’t be just another graduate student to my professors,” says Richard Nix, MBA ’99.

The mid-1990s were a busy time in his life. Nix took evening classes at Pace at the end of a long day of running a computer service company in lower Manhattan. And he was often up in the middle of night with his wife taking care of their infant daughter, Julia. “I remember one time we were up way past midnight with Julia, who wasn’t feeling well. I had a presentation at work the next morning and a final after that,” he says. “I didn’t how I was going to do it—but I did.” He earned his degree in 1999. “I had great professors and a good experience I’ll always remember. My education at Pace helped me advance in my career.”

Today, Nix is Executive Vice President at and Julia has a younger brother, Ryan. Nix is also President of the Lubin School of Business Alumni Association Board of Directors, advancing from a two-year term as Vice President. “Being on the Board gives me the opportunity to promote Lubin, its quality programs, and its many successful alumni,” he says.

Not long ago, while vacationing in Myrtle Beach and wearing a Pace University sweatshirt, Nix was stopped numerous times by alumni and others who commented about the multiple opportunities their Pace education provided them. “It was incredible,” he says. “I felt so proud to be among its alumni.”

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