Bookshelf Fall 2013


The Second Amendment in the 21st Century
By John J. Fendrock, DPS ’77

Gun violence in America casts a dark shadow over the glowing ideals of America, the land of-life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Second Amendment in the 21st Century presents an objective analysis of the relevance of the 2nd Amendment and its impact, in the form of gun-violence, on life in contemporary American society. This is followed with a program for closing the door on such violence today and in the future, leading to the ideals envisioned by the Founding Fathers.

One Year in Berlin and Foreign Bride
By Marina Raydun ’04

Pace alumna Marina Raydun ’04 runs the gamut of genres—touching on mystery and history in her novella One Year in Berlin, which follows the story of Rachael and her family’s history with the Holocaust, and romance and mail-order brides in her second novella Foreign Bride.

Art for Art’s Sake? The Impact of Arts Education
By Ellen Winner, PhD, Thalia R. Goldstein, PhD, and Stéphan Vincent-Lancrin

Co-authored by Assistant Professor of Psychology Thalia Goldstein, PhD, Art for Art’s Sake? (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) examines the state of empirical knowledge about the impact of arts education on these kinds of outcomes. The kinds of arts education examined include arts classes in school (classes in music, visual arts, theater, and dance), arts-integrated classes (where the arts are taught as a support for an academic subject), and arts study undertaken outside of school (e.g. private music lessons; out-of-school classes in theater, visual arts, and dance).

The Great Recession: Major Religious and Far Eastern Perspectives On the Global Economic and Financial Crisis, Second Edition
By Michael Szenberg, PhD, and Lall Ramrattan, PhD

Lubin Professor Michael Szenberg, PhD, and long-time collaborator Lall Ramrattan, PhD, worked together to publish The Great Recession: Major Religious and Far Eastern Perspectives On the Global Economic and Financial Crisis, Second Edition which analyzes the current economic crisis through the lens of the major religious and Far-Eastern perspectives. It underscores the essence of the ethical, cultural, and theological structure for a healthy, vibrant, sound, and stable society.

The Thigh Gap Hack
By Camille Hugh ’13

Written while she was a full-time student in Lubin’s Marketing Management program, The Thigh Gap Hack (FeminineContour Publishing) uncovers and compiles a list of the most effective diet, exercise and “other” hacks for stubborn lower body fat known to plague women across the world. The book’s controversial name has made it a widely discussed topic on websites such as Mark’s Daily Apple, MyfitnessPal, and The Huffington Post. However, Hugh maintains her book doesn’t encourage anyone to develop unhealthy eating or diet regimens. To the contrary, the book compiles and provides strategic hacks for tackling stubborn body fat in the lower body, common to many women.

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